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Taylor Cocks - Chatered Accountants & Tax Advisors in Farnham

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Taylor Cocks

Abbey House
Hickleys Court
South Street

At Taylorcocks our aim is to make you richer. How? Well. It’s about more than just getting your accounts in on time. Any good accountant can make you compliant.

By using our specialist tax skills and our proven commercial experience, we find innovative ways to reduce the amount of tax you pay. We take every possible step to make you richer by saving you money.

At Taylorcocks we focus on you. We like to get to know our clients a little better, we think it makes good business sense. Our Client Relationship Managers understand that your business needs are unique, so our focus is on your circumstances. As one of our clients you will have the opportunity to sit down with your dedicated Client Relationship Manager for a regular strategy meeting. It’s not obligatory, but like most of our clients, we think you’ll want to.

We’re to the point. We agree with you, in advance, what we are going to do, when we are going to do it and what it will cost. We are concise. There is no room for doubt. And that’s exactly how our clients tell us they like it.

At Taylorcocks the difference is… we’re just a little different.

Tel: 0870 770 8111

Fax: 0870 770 8333

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